Royal Berkshire Hall - Wedding Packages

Our Wedding Packages are tailored to provide you with maximum value and is complemented by impeccable service and attention to detail to ensure your successful wedding event.

Wedding Package


Wedding Package 1

Mawar Buffet Wedding
$16.00 per person
800pax minimum

Melur Buffet Wedding B
$18.00 per person
600pax minimum

Teratai Dome Wedding 
$20.00 per person
600pax minimum

Simpur Dome Wedding 
$25.00 per person
400pax minimum

Wedding Package 2
Wedding Package Details

Package includes:


  • A wide variety of menu to choose from
  • Food tasting of selected menu for 10pax


  • The Royal Berkshire Hall as your main venue
  • 8 VIP table setup (2 silver service & 6 dome setup)
  • Elegant camp buffet setup
  • Usage of 2x 50 inch LED TV (Royal Berkshire)
  • Usage of projector screen (Tarindak restaurant)
  • Basic PA system & Follow spot usage
  • Changing room/make-over room for Bride & Groom


  • 20 allocated VIP parking
  • Experienced staff
  • Venue rental will be waived if the total bill exceeds $10,000

Menu Sample Selection

Tarindak D'Seni